Creating Quote Templates on Tradify Web

The Quote Templates feature gives you a quick and easy way to create Quotes of similar type without the need to create them from scratch every time.

A templated quote can hold key information like the description, labour and items, as well as: 

  • Price List Items - Allows you to include commonly used items.
  • Kits - Allows you to include bundles.
  • Miscellaneous Items - You can also include any other item you want that you regularly charge for.
  • Sections - Great for breaking down your work.
  • Document attachments - Useful for attachment Terms and Conditions or other documents you always need for the job.
Note: When you create a quote from a template, the amounts on the quote will update to match whatever pricing level and tax you are using for that quote and customer. 


Creating a New Quote Template

To create an entirely new Quote template:

  1. Head over to Quotes.
  2. Select New Quote Template.
  3. Within the Quote Template Name field, provide a name that makes the template easy to identify.
    Note: Quote Template names must be unique.
  4. Once you've given your Template a name, select OK.

The following fields now become available to edit:

  • Description - Use to input a description for the Template. The Description field will be populated over to the "Quote description" exactly as it's formatted within the template.
  • Add Line Item - To add labour or material line items to the Template, click the "Add Line Item" button.



Adding a Line Item in a New Quote Template

The following four options are presented when adding a line item:

  • Time – Use this tab to add a Labour component to your Template.
  • Price List Item – Use this tab to add Price List Items to your Template. For more information on creating Price List Items, please see here.
Note: If you'd like to create a new Price List Item within the Template, click the + icon (right hand side of Item Code search field).
  • Kit – Use this tab to add Kits to your Template. Kits are pre-assembled items which could be made up of labour, materials and other miscellaneous costs. For more information on setting up and configuring Kits, please see here.
  • Miscellaneous – Use this tab to add stand-alone items to your Template. Miscellaneous items are typically used as one-off items that are specific to this quote and/or Job. They won’t be saved as a default item for future use. 
  • Notes - For more information on adding notes and attachments, please see here.





Turn an existing Quote into a Template

Tradify also has the ability to turn existing Quotes into Templates. This may be useful if you’ve previously created a Quote which is likely to be re-used again in future for similar types of work.

Important Note: Notes & attachments can't be carried over from an existing Quote to the Template. These will need to be re-applied to the Template once it's been created. All other details will be copied over.
  1. Head over to Quotes and open the relevant Quote.
  2. Select the Options tab.
  3. Select Copy Quote to Template.
  4. Provide a name for your new Quote Template.
  5. Select OK.
  6. Once you’ve added all the necessary details to your Template, select Save.
Note: Tradify won’t be able to create the Template unless it’s given a unique name. 





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