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The Quote Templates feature gives you a quick and easy way to create Quotes of similar type without the need to create them from scratch every time.

A templated quote can hold key information like the description, labour and items, as well as: 

  • Price List Items - Allows you to include commonly used items.

  • Kits - Allows you to include bundles.

  • Miscellaneous Items - You can also include any other item you want that you regularly charge for.

  • Sections - Great for breaking down your work.

  • Document attachments - Useful for attachment Terms and Conditions or other documents you always need for the job.

Note: When you create a quote from a template, the amounts on the quote will update to match whatever pricing level and tax you are using for that quote and customer. 


To create an entirely new Quote template:

  1. Head over to Quotes.
  2. Head to the Template tab. 

  3. Select New Quote Template.
  4. Within the Quote Template Name field, provide a name that makes the template easy to identify.
    Note: Quote Template names must be unique.
  5. Once you've given your Template a name, select OK.
  6. Add your desired details and Save

The following fields now become available to edit:

  • Description - Use to input a description for the Template. The Description field will be populated over to the "Quote description" exactly as it's formatted within the template.
  • Add Line Item - To add labour or material line items to the Template, click the "Add Line Item" button.


Adding a Line Item in a New Quote Template

The following four options are presented when adding a line item:

  • Time – Use this tab to add a Labour component to your Template.
  • Price List Item – Use this tab to add Price List Items to your Template. For more information on creating Price List Items, please see here.
Note: If you'd like to create a new Price List Item within the Template, click the + icon (right hand side of Item Code search field).
  • Kit – Use this tab to add Kits to your Template. Kits are pre-assembled items which could be made up of labour, materials and other miscellaneous costs. For more information on setting up and configuring Kits, please see here.
  • Miscellaneous – Use this tab to add stand-alone items to your Template. Miscellaneous items are typically used as one-off items that are specific to this quote and/or Job. They won’t be saved as a default item for future use. 
  • Notes - For more information on adding notes and attachments, please see here.



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