How Do I Invoice A Customer Through A Real Estate or Strata Company?

Learn more about creating invoices for customers where you'd address the document to a real estate or strata company.

In the example explained in this guide, there are 3 separate parties:

1) The Real Estate Company
2) The location of the job (or contact person at the location)
3) The owner of the location

To do this:

  1. Set up a Customer Profile for the Real Estate company. To learn more about creating customer profiles, check out How to Create Customers on Tradify Web. This helps consolidate the work under one customer profile.

  2. Add a Site for where the work is carried out. This helps you differentiate where the work is being carried out for each job under the real estate company. For more information on creating sites, check out How To Create a Site in Tradify Web.

  3. Now, make another Customer Profile for the person you'll be invoicing (the C/O (care of) the real estate company). 

  4. Now, create a Job under the real estate company's customer profile.
  5. Add the relevant site to the job.

  6. Create an invoice as you normally would for the job. This invoice is under the real estate company's customer profile.

  7. While the invoice is still a Draft, overwrite the real estate customer profile with the customer you're invoicing's profile (in this case, the landlord's profile). 

  8. Select Save & Continue.
  9. Once you have seen this, you can now see the invoice is for the landlord's profile while the job is still recorded under the real estate company's profile. Below is how this looks.

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