Understanding Tradify's Billing Terms & Conditions

Learn more about the various processes and terms for Tradify payments. 

Important Note: Unless you have admin permissions, you won't be able to see or access the Subscription & Billing's page.

Additionally, the same applies if you've subscribed through an accredited Tradify partner. In the event that you've subscribed through a partner, please speak with them to make these changes, or feel free to contact support@tradifyhq.com for any additional help.

Monthly Subscriptions:

For monthly subscriptions, Tradify charges on a pro-rata basis. This means you'll always be accurately charged, regardless of any subscription changes made (i.e - user count changes). The same applies to new subscription activations and cancellations (you'll only be charged for the time used within the billing month).

Tradify invoices are released on the 2nd of every month and payment is processed on the 7th or 8th of every month (depending on where you're based in the world). Payments will automatically deduct from the credit card assigned to your account.

Tradify also bills in arrears. This means you'll always be charged for the previous month's use of Tradify. For example, the invoice for January will be released on the 2nd of February and payment will be processed on the 7th or 8th of February. We purposely do this so that you're always charged correctly (based on your monthly usage).

Payment methods

Tradify accepts many payment providers, with the exclusion of American Express. Typically, Tradify does not accept bank transfers.

However, sometimes issues may arise if you're using a payment method that is not local to where you're registered to use Tradify. If you have any issues, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

If you wish to pay through American Express, you may try using the AccessLine portal to process your payments. As this is a third-party service, Tradify makes no guarantees about the efficiency and efficacy of this platform. Likewise, Tradify accepts no responsibility for any events arising as the result of using AccessLine or similar initiatives.

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