Frequently Asked Questions About Our Annual Billing


When will I see my subscription invoice?

If you're on a yearly subscription, your invoice will appear immediately after your yearly payment has been processed. Head over to Settings > Subscription & Billing > Invoices.


What if I want to add more users during the Yearly Billing cycle?

If you add more users to your account during the yearly billing cycle, we will simply invoice you for the new users at the same Yearly Billing rate, prorated for the number of days remaining until your yearly billing cycle is over.


What if I want to remove users during my Yearly Billing cycle?

As you are paying for one year in advance, you won’t be able to decrease the number of users until the end of your yearly billing cycle. You can of course archive departing staff and assign new staff members to unused user accounts.


What if I want to change users during my Yearly Billing cycle?

You can archive staff, making a user account available to be used for another staff member. If you’d like to switch a no-access user to an admin or worker (or vice-versa), please contact us and we can help you out.


Can I get the Yearly Billing Offer if I am an expired trialist?

Contact our Sales team and we'll be happy to help.


What happens at the end of my Yearly Billing cycle?

At the end your yearly billing cycle, you will be emailed and automatically switched to a monthly billing cycle at the monthly price available at that time, and invoiced monthly as per normal.


What happens if I cancel part way through my 12-month cycle?

Use of the Service may be cancelled by you at any time. However, any monthly or yearly charges will not be refunded when you cancel.


What if I deactivate a user during the 12-month cycle?

We are unable to refund the difference for any deactivated users during your cycle.


What if I still have questions?

Please contact us and we can help you out.

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