Understanding Tradify's Payment Methods

Read more about how you can classify different payments and integrate with Stripe to collect automatic credit card payments.

You can find specific information on Stripe in Stripe Credit Card Payments.

Alternatively, if you are integrated with an accounting system, payments that have been added to invoices in Tradify can also be sent over your respective accounting system.


Adding a new Payment Method

Note: By default, Tradify comes with five standard payment methods. Feel free to amend or remove these as you see fit.

To add a new payment method, head over to Settings, click on Payment Methods, then select "New Payment Method". Give your payment method a name and then select "Save".

Note: If you're integrated with an accounting system, you can link this payment method to the appropriate account by using the Account field.



Deleting a new Payment Method

To delete a Payment Method, head over to Settings, click on Payment Methods and then select the X icon on the right-hand side of the Payment Method you wish to delete. 

Note: Payment Methods cannot be deleted if they have already been used on an Invoice. For this reason, it's recommended to use the "archive" function (covered in the following section).



Archiving a new Payment Method

Archiving a Payment Method will subsequently remove it from being used or seen throughout Tradify. You will still have visibility of it within Settings and also within historical records, but it won't show as an option anywhere else.

To archive an existing Payment Method, head over to Settings and select Payment Methods. Next, click on the relevant Payment Method and then select "Archive this Payment Method", followed by "Save".

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