Adding Pricing Levels on Tradify

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Platform: Web | Mobile            Plan: Lite | Pro | Plus            Staff Permission: Settings


If you have multiple customer groups with different pricing structures, Pricing Levels can be used to set a standard pricing structure for each individual group.

Once the pricing level has been created, it can be allocated individually to each customer record. This then determines the selling price of materials and/or labour charged on a Job for that customer.


  1. Head over to Settings > Pricing Level
  2. Select "New Pricing Level".
  3. Enter a description for the Pricing Level in the Display Name field
  4. Enter a Markup percentage

Additional Information

Important Note: The Markup percentage will be used to calculate your sell prices on price list items and billing rates that are using the pricing method "Calculate price using buy price + markup". If you have pre-existing items and billing rates, you will need to update their respective sell prices for any new Pricing Level created and check if you added "buy price"

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