How To Use the Job Dashboard in Tradify Web

The Job Dashboard provides a convenient and easy way to view your Jobs, and by either using the search function or filter options, you can easily gain visibility of the Jobs you’re most interested in.

Searching in the Job Dashboard

The Job search function gives you the ability to search via keywords and references associated with a Job. To utilise it, just start typing relevant characters in the search field and Tradify will start retrieving the information for you.

Note: The following criteria can be searched upon via this function: Job Number, Job Address, Job Reference, Customer Name and all four Custom fields.

Using Job filters

The Job Dashboard filters allow you to easily search Jobs based on pre-defined criteria. For instance, you may only want to see Jobs of a certain status or assigned to a certain user (or maybe both). The following four filters are available to use and can be stacked on top of one another.

Job Status - This allows you to filter Jobs by their assigned status.

- This allows you to filter Jobs based on the date they've been scheduled for.


- This allows you to filter Jobs by their assigned staff member(s).

- This allows you to filter Jobs by their assigned category.



Editing your Job Dashboard's view 

Tradify also offers the option of adding additional columns to display your relevant Job details. To add or remove columns, select the column picker and then highlight the columns you'd like displayed.


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