Job Categories

 The following information is also covered in Job Settings.



Job Categories

Job categories provide a way for you to categorise and filter your Jobs. You can define your own categories in line with what makes sense to you. The default categories provided as part of the standard set up are as follows:

  • Job Category #1 - Job Priorities
  • Job Category #2 - Work/Job Types

You can choose to use these as they are or create your own categories to suit your business needs (as covered below).



Changing your Job Category headers

Within the Custom Fields tab, Tradify gives you the ability to change the default headers on your Job Categories (and Custom fields). Both sets of fields will be displayed within your Jobs screen.

To change your headers, click on Settings, then select Jobs. Use the fields provided to add your preferred headers and then select "Save" to finalise your changes

Job Category #1 / Job Category #2 – Use these fields to define the headers for your Job Category fields. We recommend you don't use headers that match existing field names, as this may cause confusion and affect search criteria.



Creating new variables for your Job Categories

To create your own variables for Job Categories, head over to Settings, click on Jobs and then select the Job Categories tab. Next, click on "New" and then choose "New Job Category" or "New Job Category #2" (depending on which category you're creating the variables for). Give the variable a display name and then select "Save".



Deleting existing Job Category variables

To delete a Job Category variable, head over to Settings, click on Jobs and then select the Job Category tab that you're wanting to delete the variable on. Next, click the X icon on the right-hand side of the variable you wish to delete.


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