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Job statuses play a crucial role in effectively managing the progress of your Jobs within Tradify. By default, Tradify comes equipped with eight system-generated statuses, but you also have the flexibility to create your own customised statuses.

Default Job Statuses


Tradify's default job statuses consist of eight categories, four of which are automatically assigned based on specific triggers, while the remaining four can be manually assigned:

  1. Unassigned: This status is automatically assigned to new Jobs when they are created.
  2. Assigned: Automatically assigned when a Job is assigned to a staff member.
  3. Scheduled: Automatically assigned when an appointment is scheduled for a Job.
  4. In Progress: Automatically assigned when a user starts the timer for a Job.

The other four statuses are manual and can be used based on your specific needs:

  1. Complete: This status is manually selected when the work on a Job is completed and fully invoiced. Jobs with this status are suppressed from the Active Jobs list.
  2. Cancelled: Manually assigned to indicate that a Job is no longer needed or the work has been cancelled. Jobs with this status are suppressed from the Active Jobs list.
  3. To Invoice: Manually assigned when a Job is ready to be invoiced.
  4. On Hold: Manually assigned when a Job needs to be paused temporarily.

Creating New Job Statuses

Tradify allows you to create your customised job statuses to align with your specific workflow requirements. Follow these steps to create a new job status:

  1. Go to Settings, click on Jobs, and select the Job Statuses tab.
  2. Click on "New" and choose "New Job Status" from the options.
  3. Edit the "Display Name" field to provide a descriptive name for your new status.
  4. Assign a "Highlight Colour" to the status by selecting from the available colour options. This colour will be displayed on the Job when it is set to this status.
  5. Enable the "Show Jobs with this active status in Jobs" option if you want Jobs assigned to this status to be considered 'active' and appear in your active search list.
  6. Save the changes to create your new job status.

Deleting Existing Job Statuses

While you can create new job statuses, it's important to note that only the "To Invoice" and "On Hold" statuses can be edited or deleted. The remaining six system-generated statuses cannot be changed due to their significant impact on the system.

To delete a job status:

  1. Navigate to Settings, click on Jobs, and select the Job Statuses tab.
  2. Locate the status you wish to delete and click on the X icon positioned on the right-hand side of that status.

Effectively managing job statuses in Tradify empowers you to streamline your workflow and keep track of the progress of your Jobs. By utilising default statuses, creating custom statuses, and understanding the limitations for editing or deleting certain statuses, you can enhance your job management capabilities within the Tradify platform.

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