Creating Job Tasks

Learn more about how to create Job Tasks on Tradify. 

Job Tasks give you the ability to allocate and manage specific actions or stages that need to be completed on a Job.

Due to the ability to place a budget against each Task, they can also be used to track costs per stage or milestone on a Job.

Labour and material costs can also be allocated to individual tasks which also allows you the ability to separate costs and invoice them separately.


Adding new Tasks to a Job

To add a new task:

  1. Head to your Job. 
  2. Scroll down to the Tasks section, which is underneath the Custom Information fields.
  3. Select New Task.
  4. Enter the name of the task and fill out the other fields as needed.
  5. Select Save.

During the creation of the Task, the following fields will be available to edit.

  • Name - Use this field to give your Task a title.
  • Description - Use to enter a description of the work to be done in relation to this task.
  • Staff - Select the staff assigned to perform this task.
    Note: This can be done automatically when scheduling an appointment where the task is allocated to it. The same staff members assigned to the appointment will be assigned to the task.
  • Due Date - Select a date in the Due Date field that indicates when the task must be completed by.
    Note: This field is optional.
  • Estimated - Enter an estimated value of work for this task. This value is used on screen in comparison with the actual costs allocated to the task, to keep track of the task profitability.
    Note: This field is optional.


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