Slowness when using Quotes in Tradify

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When viewing quotes in Tradify in certain circumstances viewing your quote may be slow.  This article will explain some changes you can make to reduce these performance issues.  



  1. Check the device you are using meets the minimum recommend specifications: Tradify's Recommended Devices & Specs
  2. Sections - Check the number of sections in your Quote.  Large numbers of sections will cause slowness when scrolling through the quote.  Where possible reduce the number of sections in your quote.
  3. Kits - Check if you could reduce the number of kits used in the quote.  Sometimes, if a kit only contains one or two items it is best to not use a kit and add these items separately.  
  4. Kits - If you can't reduce the number of kits included, expand just one quote at a time, close that kit back before moving on around the quote to improve performance.  


Additional Information

If you try the above actions and are still experiencing slowness, please reach out to our support team:

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