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Our Tradify application offers a versatile platform that caters to the diverse needs of our customers. To help you maintain an organised system, we've outlined best practices below. By following these steps, you can ensure that your jobs, quotes, and invoices are well-organised and easily accessible for future reference.


Best Practices for Maintaining an Organised System

  1. Create a Job: Start by creating a job for each project you're working on. This serves as the foundation for organising related information.

  2. Create a Quote from Your Job and Approve It: After creating a job, generate a quote associated with that job. Once you are satisfied, approve the quote to move forward.

  3. Send the Quote to Your Customer: Share the approved quote with your customer for their review and approval. 

  4. Wait for Acceptance: Give your customer time to review the quote. 

  5. Copy the Quote to the Invoice or Create a New Invoice: Once your customer accepts the quote, you can easily convert it into an invoice. This step ensures that billing aligns with the approved quote.

  6. Send the Invoice to Your Customer: Dispatch the invoice to your customer for payment. This step completes the financial transaction for the job.

Additional Information

By following these steps, you will have both the quote and invoice associated with the job number. This streamlined approach makes it easy to track and access any information you might need in the future. Your job number serves as a unique identifier, making it simple to retrieve project details, quotes, and invoices associated with a specific job.

Maintaining this organised system not only enhances efficiency but also improves customer communication and ensures accurate financial records. It's a proactive way to manage your projects within Tradify.

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