How to revise a Quote


How to revise a quote, this is best used when a customer rejects a quote, but may still want part of the original quote to be completed or if the quote expired and you would like to issue another one, because prices or conditions have changed since the original quote was issued.



To get started;

  1. Head to quotes and select your quote (you can also find a quote in the connected job)

    Screenshot 2023-09-29 at 2.28.04 PM.png

  2. Once in the quote, click 'revise' down the bottom right corner

    Screenshot 2023-09-29 at 2.28.25 PM.png

  3. this will make your new revision and once you save

    Screenshot 2023-09-29 at 2.28.52 PM.png


Additional Information

For more info on Quotes: Add Kit to a Quote

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