Sending an Estimate instead of a Quote

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If you'd like to send an estimate instead of a quote, you can update your document themes to support this.


  1. If you would like to send Quotes and Estimates, you'll need to create a new Document theme for your Estimates - to do this follow the help instructions here: Creating a new Document Theme
  2. Head to Settings > Document Themes and select the document theme you wish to edit from the list (if you created one for estimates in step 1, select your new theme, otherwise select "Standard" or another theme from your list of themes)
  3. Change to the Quotes tab
  4. Update the Document Contract Type to Estimate.  This will automatically update all references of "Quote" to "Estimate"
  5. Update any other details/settings for this document theme and Save
  6. When creating a quote, select the document theme you have set up as Estimate


Additional Information

You can see this article for information on making a document theme the default theme: Updating your default Document Theme

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