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Currently, in Tradify you have the option to import your price list item from CSV files, if for some reason it is missing any information in your file, it will show you a message error on top as in the example below: Screen Shot 2023-08-17 at 10.25.26 AM.png


Quick checks:

1 - Check your file format, it needs to be on CSV


2 - Ensure that every line item has an Item Code, Description, and a Buy Price. These three fields are mandatory and without them, the system won’t be able to import the file.


3 - Try to maintain your first line template as the format below, it helps to track if you have an error

Screen Shot 2023-08-17 at 10.40.23 AM.png


4 - Certain characters can cause issues if they’re used in specific ways. For this reason, we recommend removing the following characters/symbols:

    1. $   (dollar symbol)
    2.    (quotation symbol)
    3. -   (En dash symbol)
    4.    (Em dash symbol)
    5. ,   (Coma symbol)


5 - File size must be no larger than 20mb

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