Why can't my customer Accept or Decline my quote?

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Sent a customer a quote via email or text, and they don't have the option to accept or decline?

There's a few things it could be! 

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  1. The first thing to check, your Quote must be in an 'Approved' status, in the 'Awaiting Acceptance' tab

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    If the Quote is in a Draft, Expired, Accepted or Cancelled status, your customer will not be able to click Accept or Decline

    • If the Quote is in a Draft state,
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      Click the blue Approve button for web, or the green Approve button for the Tradify app.


    • If the Quote has an Expired, Accepted or Cancelled status, 

      Select Options > Reset to Draft on web, or ... > Reset to Draft on the Tradify app. 

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    Important: If you are reseting a quote to draft, and making any changes to the Quote Description or Line Items before sending an updated Quote to the customer. We would recommend Revising the Quote instead of updating the original. 

    By revising a quote, you will still have the original quote if you ever need to refer back to it. 

  2. Next thing to check would be in Settings > Quotes if you have settings toggled on to allow customers to accept and decline quotes online. 

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Additional Information

You can also check out what the sent Quote email looked like in the Activity Log. Just click on the blue link under 'Quote email sent' to view the email sent to your customer. 


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