Understanding Sage Error Messages in Tradify

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Learn more about the error messages you receive while using Sage in Tradify. 

Sometimes you may receive an error while attempting to post your invoices and bills to Sage, so to help you navigate around these, we've listed below the most common errors encountered & information on how you might resolve them. In case the error you've encountered is not listed here, please contact our support team - support@tradifyhq.com

Default tax rate error:

  • Invoice Draft can't be sent to Sage due to the following errors: line_items.tax_rate_id This field is required.
  • line_items.tax_rate This field is required.
  • line_items.tax_amount You cannot add tax, your business is not registered for tax
  • line_items.tax_rate_percentage You entered a tax amount but tax rate is zero. Please fix one of them.”


“This error occurs when your tax rate % in Tradify differs from the ones set in Sage. The rates used in Tradify need to be the tax rates pulled in from Sage.

The Sage tax rates are called:

  • Exempt 0.00%
  • Lower Rate: 5.00%
  • Standard 20.00%
  • Zero Rated 0.00%

Decimal Place error:

“Sage is not accepting this invoice and is reporting back the following: Sage currently only supports 2 decimal places for Quantity and Unit Prices”


This will happen if they have mark-ups on their items (as this rounds to 4 decimal places)
Tradify does allow up to 4dp on prices and has been designed this way to accommodate the majority of our accounting integrators. Unfortunately, it's a Sage limitation, that they currently only accept 2dp.

The customer will just need to adjust to 2dp on the item prices at the invoice level, in order to send the invoice to Sage when the issue occurs

There is a detailed help centre article on further Sage error messages here.

Domestic Reverse Charge & CIS Troubleshooting - Sage

We rarely get issues with Sage and CIS/ DRC. The first thing to check would be that they have CIS and DRC configured in Sage and ask for screenshots - Reverse VAT & Sage FAQ

‘Couldn’t find Ledger Account’ error

This usually means that the account codes in either Integrations or the Price List are invalid. An easy way to check this is to see if the dropdown button is visible in Sales Account/Purchases Account fields. If not, delete what’s in the field and the account dropdown will be available to select the correct accounts.

The ‘addresses.contacts.email is invalid’ error

Cause:An item on an invoice was linked to a supplier with an invalid email address.
Solution: Checking the email address is valid and you supplier's.

The invoice does not have an address. Please add an address to this invoice or customer and try again.

Cause: The corresponding customer is missing a Postal Address
Solution: Add a Postal Address to the customer profile


You cannot add tax / Your business is not registered for tax / You entered a tax amount but tax rate is zero

Cause: Line items on this invoice/bill are using non-Sage tax rates

Solution: As outlined in this article Tax-related Information section


The CIS Deduction must be greater than 0

Cause: You have a negative CIS total on the invoice

Solution: CIS total needs to be a positive number (greater than 0)


Invoice total cannot be negative

Cause: You have a negative total on the invoice

Solution: Invoice total needs to be a positive number (greater than 0)



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