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To utilise the Reverse VAT function with your Tradify-Sage integration, you'll first need to enable Reverse VAT in your Sage account. To achieve this (and to learn more about Reverse VAT), have a look here.


Enabling Reverse VAT for a customer

When creating a new invoice, Tradify will first check to see if the customer has Reverse VAT enabled in Sage. If they do, the customer record in Tradify will be updated to match (as highlighted below).


Note: If the update hasn't come through, please double-check the customer record in Sage by going to Contacts > Customers > Options > Account Details > VAT Reverse Charge.


Creating Invoices for Customers with Reverse VAT

Tax method update:

When creating a new invoice for a customer with Reverse VAT enabled, you'll notice the tax method will auto-update based on your default tax settings. If your sales default tax type is set to Exclusive, it will update to Reverse Charge - Excl. If it's set to Inclusive, it will update to Reverse Charge - Incl.


Viewing the Reverse VAT breakdown:

Within the financial breakdown of the invoice, Tradify will display the Reverse VAT amount on a new row (as highlighted below).


Viewing the customer PDF:

On the customer-facing PDF, we'll make the following note for the customer: 
Reverse Charge: Customer to pay the VAT to HMRC



Creating Bills for Customers with Reverse VAT

Similar to the invoice display, Bills will auto-update the Tax type and display the reverse VAT component within the financial breakdown.

Note: Unlike invoices, there is no PDF print function available for Bills.



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