Sending Invoices to MYOB AccountRight

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It's quick and easy to send your invoices from Tradify to MYOB. First, ensure that you have integrated your Tradify and MYOB accounts, and your invoice is finalised and ready for Approval. For more information on integrating Tradify with MYOB, please here.

Note: Once an invoice has been sent to MYOB, it will be locked in Tradify for any further edits. If you need to edit the invoice after it's been sent, we recommend making a copy of the original invoice and amending the copy, then delete the original in Tradify and void in MYOB. To copy an invoice, click the Options tab > Copy Invoice.

Sending Invoices to MYOB AccountRight

Open the invoice, and click "Approve and Send to MYOB".


Tradify will notify you once the invoice has been successfully sent (within 10 secs). Please be patient as refreshing or sending the invoice again may create duplicates.

Note: If you receive an error message and you're unsure on how to resolve it, please contact


Once the invoice has been sent, it will display under the Sent to MYOB tab in the invoices dashboard.


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