Can I Detach an Invoice from a Job?

Can I Detach an Invoice from a Job?

Unfortunately not. Once the invoice is assigned to a Job, it cannot be moved.

With that being said, there is a work-around that can be used. Essentially, you'll want to create a copy of the original invoice and assign the copy to the correct job. Once the copy has been assigned, you can delete the original invoice.

Before doing this, there are a couple of things to note. Firstly, the invoice number will no longer be the same as the original (not an issue if it's still in a Draft state).

Note: If it's paramount that the invoice number stays the same, please contact Tradify Support for further assistance.

Secondly, you must ensure that you copy the invoice from the Invoice Dashboard, not from within the job. Otherwise, Tradify will automatically assign the copy to the same job.


Relevant Steps for the Workaround

Head over to Invoices > find the relevant invoice and open it > select the Options tab and then click "Copy Invoice".

Once the copy has been created, open it and click the Options tab, followed by "Attach to Job" > then simply choose the appropriate job to attach it to.

Once you've completed this, open up the original invoice and select Options > Delete.

Note: If the original invoice is Approved, or Sent to Accounting, you'll need to reset it back to a Draft before being able to delete it. Examples for each below.

Sent to Accounting: Click on the Options tab > Reset Sent to Accounting > click the Options tab again > Reset to Draft.

Approved: Click on the Options tab > Reset to Draft.

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