Can I Show Job Notes on an Invoice PDF?

Job Notes were only ever intended to be internal notes and not meant for the customer. They are also a way of communicating information between staff.

However, if you use our Job Service Report feature, you can pull through notes to send to the customer. For more information on how to do this, check out How To Create a Job Service Report on Tradify Web.

Notes intended for customers should either be recorded under timesheet entries or within the job description. These can then be made visible on your invoices and job sheets.

To enable timesheet notes to be shown on invoices, head over to Settings > Invoices > and enable "Use Time Sheet Notes for Line Item Description".

Another way to add notes on an invoice for the customer is to add a miscellaneous cost line and then zero out the quantity and amount values. Tradify treats these lines on an invoice as text lines. These can be positioned where ever needed on the invoice by dragging and dropping them to the desired line position using your mouse.

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