Tradify's Recommended Devices & Specs

Learn more about what devices and specifications you'll need to successfully use Tradify's web platform.

Using Tradify Web on Mac and PC 

Tradify can be used on any computer that has an active internet connection and sufficient processing power.

If your computer cannot run simple functions without long delays, you'll find Tradify incompatible with your device.

Please note: If you’re having issues with your browser, please ensure that you’ve updated to the latest version. Otherwise, see our article on clearing your browser cache.

Browsers Tradify is Compatible With

Tradify is compatible with the following browsers:

Tradify generally recommends using Google Chrome however, the best browser depends on your preferences and hardware. 

Using Tradify on iOS and Android 

Tradify is designed to be used on mobile devices running iOS or Android. In order to get access to Tradify's mobile app, you'll just need to download it from your local App Store or Google Play Store.

Please note: If you're unable to find or download the Tradify app from your respective app store, it likely means that your device version is no longer compatible. Please see below for our current compatibility.

Apple Device Compatibility:

To run Tradify on iOS devices, you'll need to have:

  • iOS 11 or later
  • a 64-bit device
  • GPS and Camera functionality

Android Device Compatibility:

To run Tradify on Android, you'll need to have:

  • OS 5.50.0 or later
  • Camera and GPS functionality
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