How iAuditor Works With Tradify Mobile

Learn more on how to use iAuditor alongside Tradify's mobile app. 

iAuditor provides access to thousands of online templates to create the digital forms you need. It is also very affordable and once a form has been generated in iAuditor, you can turn it into a PDF format which is then easily attached to a Job, Invoice, Quote, Purchase Order, or Bill in Tradify at the click of a button.

In this article, we'll run through an example of a digital form in iAuditor and how it can be attached to a Job in Tradify


How to attach a document from iAuditor to a Job in Tradify

iAuditor forms allow for all kinds of field types including multiple choice response options, address locators, date pickers, free text, media uploads including digital drawings and a whole lot more. The example shown in this walkthrough is based on a standard electrical safety checklist.

Once the form or safety audit has been completed in iAuditor, it can be digitally signed and Marked as Completed. From there, you can attach to a Job, Invoice, Quote, Purchase Order, or Bill in Tradify by following these steps.

  1. In iAuditor, select a completed document in the Inspections tab.
  2. Select View & Download Report
  3. Select Download PDF.

    You can also send a Word document through selecting the ... in the upper-right corner, selecting Download under the Word section and following the next steps.
  4. Now that you're viewing the PDF, select Save PDF. Save the document to your FIles.
  5. Go to your Files app on your device, and select your document.
  6. In your document, select the Share icon in the upper-right corner. 

    Depending on what device you have, your share icons will look like this:

  7. Tradify will open and you'll be able to attach the document to a Job, Invoice, Quote, Purchase Order, Bill, Job or a Customer.


  8. Once you've selected a feature to add this document to, select what specific feature you'd like to attach the document to. The document will be attached as a Note.


  9. Add a note description.


  10. Select Done. 

Once that's been completed, the form will be saved to the Job and can be accessed from within Tradify (in the Notes section of a Job card) and viewed by any of your users with access to the Job.


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