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Quick Notes are the fastest and easiest way to capture job information while you’re on the move.

Accessing Quick Notes

There are two ways to access quick notes within the Tradify mobile app.

  1. Appointment Details

When appointments are linked to a job, you will see an ‘Add Note to Job’ button when viewing the appointment details. Pressing this button opens the Quick Note selector.


  1. Job Details (Main Tab)

When you’re viewing a job’s details, the ‘New Note’ button opens the Quick Note selector.

Select your Note type

When creating a Quick Note, you can choose between the following options:

  • Take Photo - this launches your phone camera and allows you to upload a single photo with an optional caption.
  • Choose Photos - this opens your photo gallery which enables you to select any number of existing photos.
  • Create Text Note - lets you create a text-only note.
  • Choose Files - this launches your phone’s file picker, where you can select files of any type including documents in PDF or DOCX format.

Note: When selecting one of the options to upload photos or files, you will still be able to add a text description if desired.

Confirm attachment(s) and/or text

Depending on the type of note you choose, you’ll either be taken to your camera app, the appropriate file picker, or a screen where you can enter a text note.

If you have attached any photos or files, you can remove any unwanted files by pressing the X symbol in the top-right corner of the file preview.


Once you’re happy with your note you can simply hit Save and return to the screen you were previously on.

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