How To Obtain Sign-Off For Jobs on Tradify Mobile

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Learn more about how you can get jobs signed off on Tradify's mobile app.

Tradify offers the ability for you to obtain a sign off on your job sheets and job service reports via the mobile app. Once recorded, the signature will automatically display on the document. You can send this to the customer if needed.

The job sheet does not contain any prices or costs and so it can be safely sent to the customer without any sensitive information showing.

Note: This process is only available on the mobile app.


Getting your jobs signed off

While in the job, tap the "Options" icon, then select "Sign Job Sheet".


Enter in a name for the signee and then hand the customer the mobile device and they can sign on the blank space using their finger.

Note: The name will auto-default to the customer name.


Tap "Done" to confirm the signature.

Note: If you'd like to retake the signature, press the "Reset" button.
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