How To Create a Site in Tradify Web

Learn more about how you can create secondary contacts with Tradify's Sites feature.

Due to variations in our accounting integrations, Tradify isn't able to add secondary contacts to customers. Thus, as an alternative to this, we have created 'sites'. Using sites gives you the ability to add secondary contacts/locations to your customer profiles.


Creating a Site

To create a site, head over to Customers > select the relevant customer > click on the 'Sites' tab > then select "New Site".

Below is a comprehensive list of what each field represents on the Site profile.

Site Name - Use this field to give your site an identifiable name. This will be used on any related Job, Quote and/or Invoice.

Note: This is a mandatory field. You cannot save the Site profile without giving it a name.

Contact Name - Use this field if you have a primary contact for this Site.

Note: Only one contact can be added per site.
Contact Information
Phone - Primary phone number for the site contact.
Mobile - Primary mobile number for the site contact.
Fax - Primary fax number for the site contact.
Email Address - Primary email for the site contact. If you are not integrating with Xero you can enter multiple email addresses, separated by commas, limited to 50 characters.
Physical Address - Use this field to enter the physical address of the site/contact's location.
Note: If this site get's added to a Job, Tradify will use this address, instead of the default customer address.
Custom Information
Custom #1 – #4 – Use these fields to add information specific to the site that you wish to record on the job. For more information on setting up and configuring Custom fields, please see here
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