Creating Job Tasks on Tradify Web

Learn more about how to add and edit Job Tasks on Tradify's web and mobile app. 

Job Tasks give you the ability to allocate and manage specific actions or stages that need to be completed on a Job.

Due to the ability to place a budget against each Task, they can also be used to track costs per stage or milestone on a Job.

Labour and material costs can also be allocated to individual tasks which also allows you the ability to separate costs and invoice them separately.


Adding new Tasks to a Job

To add a new Task, open the relevant Job, scroll down to Tasks and then click "New Task".

Note: During the creation of the Task, the following fields will be available to edit.

Name - Use this field to give your Task a title.

Description - Use to enter a description of the work to be done in relation to this task.

Staff - Select the staff assigned to perform this task.

Note: This can be done automatically when scheduling an appointment where the task is allocated to it. The same staff members assigned to the appointment will be assigned to the task.

Due Date - Select a date in the Due Date field that indicates when the task must be completed by.

Note: This field is optional.

Estimated - Enter an estimated value of work for this task. This value is used on screen in comparison with the actual costs allocated to the task, to keep track of the task profitability.

Note: This field is optional.


Copying Tasks from a Quote

If you have a quote associated to a Job, and the Quote includes Sections that group costs together, then by using the "Copy Tasks from Quote" function, Tradify will automatically copy your sections over as Tasks to the Job. 

Important Note: When copying Tasks over from a Quote, Tradify will only copy the Section details. Line items will not be copied to the Job during this process.

The screenshot below shows a quote with 2 sections.


In the following example, we'll be copying these 2 sections to Tasks from the Quote.


Note: If you would like to copy your section line items over to the Job, head over to the Costs tab > click New Cost > select Copy Materials from Quote > then select the relevant Quote and highlight the items you wish to copying to the Job. 


Allocating Line Items to Tasks

To allocate your line items to Tasks, head over to the Cost tab > click the Task field on the line item and choose the relevant Task > then click Save to finalise your changes.

Note: You can also assign the Task when adding the line item to the Job. To do so, just select the "Task" field in the new item preferences.


Allocating Timesheet Entries to Tasks

To allocate your Timesheets to Tasks, head over to the Time tab > select the relevant timesheet entry > click the Task field and select the relevant Task > then click Save to finalise your changes.

Note: You can also assign the Task during the creation of the timesheet entry. To do so, just select the "Task" field in the timesheet entry preferences.





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