FAQ - Tradify Pricing

How many plans are there & what’s included in each of them?

We have 3 plans (Lite, Pro & Plus) available to suit your business requirements. Read this help article for a detailed list of the features included within each plan.  


How much do the Tradify plans cost?

See here for the prices for Tradify plans.  


I signed up on the wrong plan and would like to change?

Contact us by emailing support@tradifyhq.com and we’ll organise for you to be on the correct plan.  


If I change plans part way through the month how will I be charged?/I upgraded my plan part way through the month and have been charged for a full month

We bill in arrears and pro-rata, so you will only ever pay for the number of days that your subscription was on a certain plan.  You can see details on this on your Tradify subscription invoice found by going to Settings > Plan & Billing and changing to the invoices tab.  


I downgraded my plan however my last payment was more than my new plan?

We bill in arrears and pro-rata, so you are invoiced for the days that you are on a particular plan.  In this case it is likely that you have been charged for a portion of the month at the higher plan rate and the rest of the month at your lower plan price.  Any further questions about this please contact the support team support@tradifyhq.com.  


I’m an existing customer and have just seen that you now offer pricing plans, will I have to choose a plan?

Existing customers remain on our Classic plan.There are no changes to the features & functionality you have available in your Tradify account.  


Which plans include your Instant Website feature?

Our Instant Website add-on is available to customers on allplans (Lite, Pro & Plus).  However to use the enquiries form with the website you will need to be on Pro or Plus plans.


To learn more about how to create your own Instant Website, How To Create An Instant Website In Tradify


Is there anything that isn’t included in the Plus plan?

The Plus plan includes full access to all Tradify features. 

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