Why is my logo sometimes missing on my invoices?

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In Tradify you can set up different Document Themes to customise how your documents look to your customers.  If you have multiple Document Themes in your settings, they may have different logo files or not have a logo saved. 



  1. Head to Settings > Document Themes
  2. Look through your Document Themes, If you have more than one, there may be some that don't have a logo uploaded.
  3. click on the name of each theme e.g. Standard
  4. then check out the Logo field, in the Document Design tab to see if you have a logo uploaded.
    If it's missing from the document theme, click Upload Logo

    Screenshot 2023-10-11 at 5.22.31 PM.png
  5. If you've accidentally ended up with more Document Themes than you need, you can also Archive a Document Theme. 

Additional Information

Do I need multiple Document Themes? 

It depends! Some things to consider: 

  • Do you want to include a price breakdown for some customers, but just a total for others? 
  • Do you want some customers to get automated payment reminders, but not others. 
  • Do you have different terms saved for different types of jobs/quotes/invoices
  • Do you send both Quotes AND Estimates to your customers and want to choose between the different document titles 

There are many different ways you use Document Themes to have different options for displaying Quotes, Invoices, Purchase Orders and Job Service Reports.

If you're wanting to keep things simple with 1 setting 👍🏼 just stick with 1 Document Theme. 

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