How to use a billing run to send out invoices for multiple jobs



Tradify's Billing Run feature can bulk invoice multiple jobs with each job allocated to its own individual invoice.



  1. Head to your Invoice Dashboard.
  2. Select New Billing Run.
  3. Using the search filters, find and select your chosen jobs. 
  4. Once you have selected your preferred jobs, select Next.
    This will create different invoices for the different jobs.
  5. Select Next.
  6. Select Invoice by Job
  7. Chose from the following two options:
    • Use cut-off date - Use this if you're needing to invoice for work carried out on a job up until a specific date.
    • Change job status to - Use this if you'd like Tradify to automatically change the Job Status of every job selected once the billing run has been completed. Once enabled, choose the status you'd like to allocate.
  8. Click Next to compile the invoices
  9. Tradify will create your invoice and show you the status of the billing run
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