Creating a Miscellaneous Invoice on Tradify Mobile


You can create a Miscellaneous invoice in Tradify from the mobile app


From within a Job:

  1. Open the Job
  2. Select the Invoices tab
  3. Select 'New Invoice'
  4. Choose Miscellaneous Invoice

  5. To add a price to your invoice, click the Add Line Item blue button in the invoice
  6. If you don't save saved Labour, Materials or Service pricing in the app, select Miscellaneous
  7. Add a Description in for what the price relates to e.g. Powerpoint Install
  8. Then add your price into the Unit Price field 
  9. Click Done if that is your only item to invoice, or Add Another if you have more items to include on your invoice. 

From the Sales menu:

  1. Navigate to Sales
  2. Select New Invoice
  3. Search a customer or choose Add to create a new customer
  4. Select Miscellaneous Invoice

Additional Information

Find out more information on how to create invoices on the mobile app here: Create Invoice from Quote in Tradify Mobile


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