Create Invoices for Multiple Jobs for a Customer on one Invoice

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Platform: Web            Plan: Plus            Staff Permission: Invoicing

Tradify's Billing Run feature can create a single invoice for multiple jobs against a single customer. Every line item is shown individually. 


To bill multiple invoices for one customer:

  1. Go to your Invoices Dashboard.
  2. Select New Billing Run.
  3. Using the search filters provided, search your customer's name. 
  4. Select the jobs you want to invoice for.
  5. Select Next.
  6. You can choose between Invoice by Customer or Invoice by Job:  Select Invoice by Customer.
  7. By selecting this tab, you'll be presented with several options - see below for detail.
  8. Once you have enabled your preferred options, select Next.


Invoice Options:

  • Use cut-off date: Use this if you're needing to invoice for work carried out on a job up until a specific date.
  • Change job status to: Enable this option if you want Tradify to automatically update the Job Status of every selected job once the billing run is completed. Simply select the status you want to allocate after enabling this feature.

Job Information to Include:

If you enable any of the options below, Tradify will show the value above the jobs respective line items on the invoice.

  • Job No
  • Reference
  • Date
  • Site
  • Job Address
  • Job Description
  • Custom Fields 1-4

Note: Below is an example of how this appears.


Below is how these line items are displayed on the invoice. Each option is added as a line item, above the material costs and labour components.



Action the Invoice:

Once you click Next, Tradify will create the invoice(s) and you'll be presented with a message advising the results. Click OK, and you'll now have visibility of the invoice(s) created.



Below is the final screen outlining the invoices created. You can ApproveSend to Accounting, PrintEmail and Delete these invoices (represented by the icons in the upper-right corner. 

To action these invoices, select the relevant invoices and then select the appropriate icon. 


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