How To collect all invoices for one customer into a PDF

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This guide will help you compile multiple invoices as one PDF document to send to a customer or see for yourself. This is most useful to collect up all of one kind of invoice type for a customer, for example; all overdue invoices in one document OR all paid invoices one document for a clients reference.


To get started head to your invoices tab: 

  1. choose the invoice tab you are looking to collect up e.g. paid, overdue, etc... then search the name of your client. 1. Invoices page.png
  2. Then check the all box and hit print!2. select client.png
  3. A pop-up should come up for download. 3. download.png
  4. After you click download it should come up in a new window for down or physical print. example.png
  5. All done, now just send to your customer or save for your own use.


Additional Information

For more info on how to customise payments for Invoices look here: Invoicing a Percentage of a Quote

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