When are payment reminders sent out?



You can set up automatic payment reminders to be sent out of Tradify.  



When you create a New Invoice, scroll down to the Payment Options section and click the toggle to ‘Enable payment reminder emails on this invoice’. This setting will be off by default:


When you enable reminders, they will be sent to all email addresses included in the To: field. The customer will receive a reminder email:

    • 3 days before the due date
    • On due date
    • 3 days after the due date
    • 7 days after the due date

 Once the invoice has been marked as Paid, email reminders will stop.

Important note:  Once reminders have been activated, all email addresses that have previously been sent the invoice will be included in the 'to:' field in the reminder email and therefore visible to all recipients.


Additional Information

Find out more details on payment reminders here: Using Email Payment Reminders in Tradify


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