Using Spreadsheet Pivot tables to create a Invoice summary


While Tradify doesn't have the ability to summarise invoices within the application, this article will run through how to use a spreadsheet application to create an Invoice summary, by Customer or Totals of invoices using pivot tables. 



  1. Download the Spreadsheet template from this link
  2. In Google Sheets, click File > Make a Copy
    Screenshot 2024-01-05 at 16.38.47.png
  3. Head to Invoices
  4. Change to the Tab of your choice, or filter the list of invoices by searching.  If you want all Invoices change to the All tab (You can export all and then filter/remove unwanted invoices after download if needed)
  5. Select the export invoices button to export the invoices to csv file
  6. Open the downloaded csv file and copy the data in it and paste this into the template file you downloaded in step 1
  7. Change to the other tabs in the template file to see the invoices summarised per invoice or per customer
  8. You can edit the pivot table to add filters or to update what data is shown or how it is grouped


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