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By creating a QR code for your web enquiries form, you can simplify the process of customer enquiries and enhance their overall service experience. By following a few simple steps, you can generate a unique QR code for their Enquiries form, providing customers with a convenient way to connect.

Creating a QR Code for Tradify Enquiries:

  1. Accessing the Settings Tab:
    To begin creating a QR code for your Tradify Enquiries form, navigate to your Dashboard and click on the Settings tab. 
  2. Selecting Enquiries:
    Within the Settings menu, locate and select the Enquiries option. This section allows you to manage the web form through which customers can submit their enquiries.
  3. Previewing the Web Enquiry Form:
    Once you enter the Enquiries section, click on the Preview Web Enquiry Form button. This will display a preview of the web page that customers will interact with when submitting enquiries.
  4. Generating the QR Code:
    On the web page preview, right-click on any part of the page and choose the option to create a QR code for that specific page. A preview QR code will appear in the upper-right corner of the page, containing the link to the Web Enquiry Form.
  5. Downloading the QR Code:
    After generating the QR code, review its appearance and ensure it aligns with your branding and promotional materials. If you are satisfied, select the Download option to obtain the QR code as a .PNG file.

Utilizing the QR Code for Promotional Material:

Once you have downloaded the QR code for your Tradify Enquiries form, you can seamlessly incorporate it into various marketing materials to facilitate customer engagement. Here are a few examples:

1. Printed Materials:
Include the QR code on flyers, brochures, or business cards to enable potential customers to quickly access the Enquiries form by scanning the code with their smartphones.

2. Digital Channels:
Incorporate the QR code into your website, social media posts, or email campaigns to encourage customers to reach out easily. By providing a convenient way to connect, you can increase customer satisfaction and generate more leads.

3. Physical Signage:
Display the QR code on posters or signs at your physical location, allowing visitors to access the Enquiries form effortlessly. This can be particularly useful for trade shows, exhibitions, or open-house events.


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