Add Miscellaneous Costs to a Quote

Miscellaneous costs are items added on a one-off basis to your Quote.

To add a Miscellaneous Cost to your Quote:

  1. Head to a draft quote and select Miscellaneous Cost
  2. Edit in the line item to enter the description and edit the other attributes such as quantity.
  3. When you're happy, hit Enter on your keyboard to save. 


Understanding Quote Fields

The fields listed below will be available to edit when adding the Miscellaneous Cost.

  • Description – Use this field to describe the miscellaneous cost item.
    Note: Descriptions are limited to 200 characters.
  • Quantity - Use the quantity field to increase or decrease the quantity of the item.
  • Unit Cost – Use this field to change the buy/cost price of the item.
  • Unit Sell Price - Use this field to change the selling price of the item.
  • Discount % - Use this field to provide a percentage discount to this line item.
  • Gross Profit - Tradify will automatically calculate the gross profit for you. If you have tax associated with the cost item, this will be included in the gross profit amount.
  • Amount Tradify will automatically calculate the amount total for you as well. This is based on your quantity multiplied by your unit sell price.
  • Tax Rate - Select the tax rate that applies to this miscellaneous cost. If left blank, Tradify will assign the default tax rate. For more details on tax rates, please see here.
  • Section – Sections provide a way to break your quote up into different stages. This makes the Quote more functional for you and easier for your customer to read.
    Sections can also be copied to the Job as Tasks once the Quote has been attached or turned into a Job. To add a new Section, click the + icon within the section field. For more information on Sections, please see here


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