How To Change Your Default Navigation App for Tradify Mobile

Learn more about how to change your navigation app for Tradify mobile. This will change the app used for the map function in Tradify's mobile app. For more information on Tradify's mobile map, check out Using The Map on Tradify Mobile.

How to change the default navigation app

  1. Open Tradify.

  2. Swipe on the navigation bar until you can select the Settings icon.

  3. In Settings, scroll down until you find the Location and Navigation section. Tap on it to access the navigation settings.

  4. In Location and Navigation, you'll be able to change the navigation app under the More Options tab.

  5. Select your preferred navigation app. For example, on iOS you'll have the option of Apple Maps or Google Maps (if installed). 

  6. Once you have selected your preferred navigation app, tap on the "Save" button at the screen's top right corner. This will save your changes and set the chosen app as the default navigation app for Tradify mobile.



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