Understanding Gas Safety Certificates On Tradify Mobile

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Learn how to create Gas Safety Certificates on Tradify's mobile app.

Please note that these forms are only available in the United Kingdom. For more information on different certs, check out How To Use Tradify’s Electrical Certs or Understanding JSA and SWMS Certificate Templates on Tradify.

Using Gas Safety Certificates in Tradify's mobile app 

To create and edit Gas Safety Certificates on Tradify Mobile:

  1. Head to the Jobs tab.
  2. Select your desired Job.
  3. Select the Forms tab, located in the upper navigation bar.
  4. Select Create Form.
  5. Select the form that you need to create.
  6. Edit the sections as needed. Note that some sections for various forms will have mandatory fields.
  7. Select Save, or select the ... in the upper right corner to either Print or Preview your form.

Note: choosing to preview your form on iOS devices means you can share the form as a .jpg image file. 

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