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Learn how to instantly create a website in Tradify. Creating your own website is as easy as a click of a button.

Creating an Instant Website

To create your website:

  1. Head to the Website tab in the left navigation bar. You will see a loading screen where your website will be getting built.
  2. You will receive a preview of your website with the default description, cover photo, services and titles.
  3. You can Save your website, which will not publish the website. Alternatively, if you're ready, you can select Publish to make your website go live.

Note: You can only edit your website on the web version of Tradify. 

Editing Your Website

Click on the Customize tab next to Preview.

Here you will be able to see and edit the different sections of your website.

Your general website settings will be at the top of the editor, with some advanced settings found at the bottom of the page.


Website layout

The editor will have your website sections arranged in the order that they will appear on your website. The following sections can be rearranged or made hidden except for the Home section will remain at the top of the website:

  • Home Section.
  • Enquiry Form Section (Note: you can only have an enquiries section on your website or an enquiries form. Your existing enquiries web form will redirect to your website.)
  • Our Work Section
  • Contact Details Section
  • Our Services Section
  • Testimonials Section.

To rearrange the sections, click on the section’s header and drag the whole section up or down the page.

To hide a section, click on the toggle next to Show Section.


Service Section

To select an icon, search through the drop-down menu or you can type in the name of the icon.

The full list of icons is here.

Advanced Settings


You can change your website's colours within Tradify's instant website feature.

To change colours:

  1. Head to the Customise tab.
  2. Once in the Customise tab, scroll down to the Advanced Settings section.
  3. In the Advanced Settings section, you can edit the Primary and Secondary Colours. In Tradify, you'll need to use HEX codes to change colours. 

    If you want to use a colour picker or identify a colour from a photo, we suggest using Coolrs to identify the relevant HEX codes.
  4. When you have entered in the right HEX codes, select Save to preview your changes. Alternatively, you can Publish your website.

Uploading images to your website 

You can upload images such as a logo, examples of your work and more.

Please note that you can have a minimum of two photos and a maximum of eight photos on your website.

To do this:

  1. Select Upload A Different Logo/Upload Main Image/New Image
  2. From your computer, select your photo.
  3. Select Save.

Recommended image sizes

Before loading images on your website, make sure you have them resized to the right dimensions.

While Tradify can host images up to 10MB, we recommend images 800KB (or smaller) for optimal performance.

A way to help images load faster and not slow down page speed is to compress them to a smaller size. There are free image compression tools such as Optimazilla or TinyJPG to help optimise your images.    

Here are the recommended resolutions and sizes:

  • Main Image: Image resolution: 1440 x 720 or higher
    Acceptable file types are JPG, GIF or PNG with a max size of 800kb.
  • Gallery Images: Image resolution size of 733 x 550
    Acceptable file types are JPG or PNG with a max size of 300kb.

Adding a Google Analytics ID 

In Advanced Settings, you can have the option to add in your Google Analytics ID if you want to track your website's analytics. 

NOTE: Google Analytics is not available for GDPR regions as Tradify's Instant Website does not track end-users. For more information on our GDPR compliance, check out Is Tradify GDPR Compliant?

How to find your Google Analytics Tracking ID:

  1. Log in to Google Analytics.
  2. Once you're logged in, select the Google Analytics logo. Your Tracking ID should be visible on the first page you see.

    Your tracking ID will look like this: UA-XXXXX-XX
  3. Once you have added the number, you can select Save

You can check your audience acquisition, behaviour and other useful insights in Google Analytics.

Preview your changes

  1. Once you’re happy with all your changes, you can select Save or just head straight to the Preview tab.
  2. Scroll to the top of the editor and click on the Preview tab. Here you will be able to see all the changes you made in Tradify.
  3. You also can click the ‘Preview in a new window’ button which will open a new window so you can preview it on a full screen.

Publishing your Instant Website

Publishing your website will make it live and allow people to find and access your website.

To publish:

  1. Select the Publish button on the top right of the screen and then you will get a confirmation that it’s done!
  2. When your website is published, to apply any changes you want to your website you will need to click on Publish again.
  3. Clicking Save will save the changes and you can view them on Preview. But it won’t be reflected on your live website.

Unpublishing your Instant Website

To Unpublish your website head over to Subscription & Billing settings.

Using icons 

Using icons on your website helps customers understand the services you provide. The full list of icons are below:





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