Editing Your Website in Tradify


Editing your website in Tradify is a straightforward process that allows you to customise and manage various sections. This knowledge base article provides a quick guide on how to access and make changes to your website layout, services, icons, and colours.


Accessing the Website Editor

  1. Click on the Customise Tab: To begin editing your website, click on the "Customise" tab located next to the "Preview."

Editing Website Sections

  1. Website Layout: In the editor, you'll see your website sections arranged in the order they appear on your website. Most sections can be rearranged or hidden, except for the "Home" section, which remains at the top. To rearrange a section, click on its header and drag it up or down the page. To hide a section, use the toggle next to "Show Section."

  2. Service Section: When customising your services, you can select an icon from the drop-down menu or type in the icon's name. You can find the full list of available icons here.

Advanced Settings: Changing Colours

  1. Customise Tab: To change your website's colours, go to the "Customise" tab.

  2. Advanced Settings: Scroll down to the "Advanced Settings" section.

  3. Changing Colours: In this section, you can edit the "Primary" and "Secondary Colours." Please note that you'll need to use HEX codes to change colours within Tradify.

  4. HEX Codes: If you need to find the HEX codes for specific colours, you can use tools like "Coolrs" to help identify the relevant codes.

  5. Preview or Publish: Once you've entered the HEX codes for your desired colours, select "Save" to preview your changes. Alternatively, you can choose to "Publish" your website.

By following these steps, you can efficiently edit and customise your website in Tradify, making it uniquely yours and tailored to your business needs.


Website layout

The editor will have your website sections arranged in the order that they will appear on your website. The following sections can be rearranged or made hidden except for the Home section will remain at the top of the website:

  • Home Section.
  • Enquiry Form Section (Note: you can only have an enquiries section on your website or an enquiries form. Your existing enquiries web form will redirect to your website.)
  • Our Work Section
  • Contact Details Section
  • Our Services Section
  • Testimonials Section.

To rearrange the sections, click on the section’s header and drag the whole section up or down the page.

To hide a section, click on the toggle next to Show Section.


Service Section

To select an icon, search through the drop-down menu or you can type in the name of the icon.

The full list of icons is here.

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