How To Schedule an Appointment in Tradify Web

Learn how to schedule appointments and attach them to Jobs in Tradify. For more information on using the Tradify Scheduler on mobile, check out How To Schedule Jobs on Tradify Mobile.

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In Tradify, the Scheduler is used for booking appointments in the future. For information on how to record hours previously worked, check out Creating Timesheet Entries on Tradify Web.

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Scheduling an Appointment in Tradify

To schedule an appointment in Tradify:

  1. Head to your Scheduler.
  2. Select anywhere on the scheduler to create an appointment.
  3. Select the start and finishing times. You'll need to either attach the Appointment to a Job or Add Notes in order to schedule the appointment.
  4. Select Save.

Changing an Appointment 

To change an appointment:

  1. Head to your Scheduler.
  2. Change an appointment by dragging the appointment to where you'd like to reschedule it.

The appointment will automatically save within Tradify and notify the staff and connections on the job.

Enabling notifications for appointments in Tradify

In Tradify, you can create notifications for scheduled appointments by setting up appointment reminders.

For more information on our email and text message reminders, check out Creating Notifications For Tradify's Scheduled Appointments and Automated Appointment Reminders via Text Message in Tradify.

Here are the steps to do this:

  1. Log in to your Tradify account and navigate to the "Jobs" section.

  2. Locate the job that the appointment is scheduled for and click on it to open the job details.

  3. Click on the "Appointments" tab and then click on the "New Appointment" button.

  4. Fill in the details of the appointment, including the date and time, and then click on the "Save" button.

  5. In the appointment details, there will be an option for a "Reminder" where you can set the reminder time and the reminder type (email or SMS).

  6. Once you have set up the reminder, the system will send a notification to the relevant parties at the specified time before the appointment.

Note that you must have a valid email address or mobile number to use this feature.



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