Entering Non-Billable Time

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Platform: Web        Plan: Pro | Plus        Staff Permission: Job & Timesheets

If you need field workers to record all their time worked each day, regardless of whether it was billable or not, Tradify allows for this through non-billable timesheet entries.

Note: Due to how non-billable time is recorded, it is not possible to track non-billable entries within your jobs. If you require a daily, weekly, or monthly report on non-billable entries, please use the Timesheet report function. More information on this can be found here.

To enter a non-billable timesheet entry, navigate to Timesheets, select the Staff Member icon (that you wish to enter the timesheet entry for), and then click the + icon to create the entry. Enter all the relevant details for the timesheet but make sure you leave the Job field blank.

Note: Leaving the job field blank will trigger Tradify to mark the entry as non-billable.


Timesheet Key

There are three colour variants to timesheet entries. Each colour represents the type (or stage) of the entry.

Green – The timesheet entry is billable and has already been invoiced.

Red – The timesheet entry is billable and has yet to be invoiced.

Orange – The timesheet entry is non-billable.


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