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Disclaimer: Unlike our other accounting integrations, the ability to customise certain workflows is reduced with MYOB Essentials due to limitations in their API (Application Program Interfacing Tool). MYOB Essentials' integration is therefore limited to customers and customer invoices. It is not able to send bills, nor link suppliers.


Integrating with MYOB Essentials

Head over to Settings and select "Integrations", then click on "MYOB Essentials".


Select "Login to MYOB".

Note: You’ll now be redirected to MYOB and asked to log in and authorise Tradify.


Enter in your MYOB login credentials and then select "Sign in".

Note: If you're already logged into MYOB, it will automatically skip this step.


Once MYOB has successfully logged in, it will automatically close the browser page. Head back to Tradify and you'll be asked to choose the relevant MYOB account to link to. Using the provided field, choose the account and click "OK".

Note: If you have more than one MYOB account, you'll be able to use the drop-down field to select the appropriate one.


You'll now notice three new account fields are presented to edit.

Note: The account fields are mandatory and need to be mapped in order to post invoices to MYOB Essentials.

Using the dropdown fields, select the appropriate account codes for Sales of LabourSales of Materials, and Bank Account  - then click "Save".

Note: If you're unsure on which account codes to use, we recommend speaking with your accountant or bookkeeper. If you'd prefer to go at this alone, please see here to learn more about mapping your MYOB Essentials account codes.




Importing from MYOB Essentials

Once the link has been established with MYOB, you can import your customers and price list items by following the processes in each of the articles linked below.

Importing Customers from MYOB Essentials

Importing Price List Items from MYOB Essentials

Important Note: You can perform the above steps at any stage to update your Customers and Price List Items in Tradify. However, we do recommend creating and maintaining these in Tradify directly, as they will automatically update in MYOB Essentials when sending invoices over. 
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