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The following presets are available to use at your discretion. You can enable as many or as little as you'd like.


  • Use MYOB invoice numbering sequence. This is recommended if you plan to create invoices using both Tradify and MYOB. 
    As the name suggests, enabling this option will trigger Tradify to use MYOB's invoice numbering sequences over its own. This all takes place during the stage of sending the invoice to MYOB. Until that point in time, the invoice will remain with a 'draft' title in Tradify.
Note: In order to reduce the chance of duplicate invoice numbers, please ensure that in MYOB, the option to "Warn for Duplicate" is enabled. This can be found under Setup > Preferences > Sales (and also Purchases) - as shown below.


  • Send invoice description to MYOB. This will create a line item using the invoice description when sending invoices to MYOB. 
    If this option is enabled, Tradify will send the invoice description to MYOB in the form of a line item. We do this as MYOB doesn't have the same 'description' field as you would find on the Tradify invoice.

  • Use Job Address for Invoice Ship to. This will use the job address instead of the customer's address in the 'Ship to' field of invoices sent to MYOB.
    When this option is selected, Tradify will send the "Job Address" to MYOB in the form of the "Ship to" address. 
  • Synchronise items when an invoice or bill is sent to MYOB.
    When this option is enabled, Tradify synchronises the Price List Items on an Invoice with the Inventory Items in MYOB. Any changes made to the description, unit price or buy price will be updated in MYOB from Tradify (when an invoice with the relevant price list items are sent over).
Important Note: Enabling this option increases the amount of time it takes to send an invoice to MYOB due to current limitations on MYOB's API (Application Program Interfacing Tool). For this reason, we do not recommend turning this on unless it's needed.
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