How To Create a Bill in Tradify

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A "Bill" is essentially a supplier invoice. We call it a "Bill" to keep our language consistent with our commonly used accounting integrations.

In this article, we cover off all the ways in which Bills can be created from scratch. Although there is no 'overall' recommended way to create a Bill, we have listed each method by order of most commonly used.


Creating Bills from scratch within the Purchases Dashboard

Head over to Purchases and then select "New Bill". Enter in your relevant details for your Bill and then select "Save".

Note: We've added a detailed breakdown of what each field represents below.


Note: During the creation of your Bill, the following fields will be available to edit:

Supplier Enter the supplier this Bill is for. This field cannot be left blank. If this Bill is for an existing supplier, you can search for the supplier by typing in this field.

Note: If this Bill is for a new supplier, click the '+' icon to create the supplier from scratch. You can find out more about entering a new supplier here.

Invoice Date - The date at which the Bill is entered (defaults to today's date).

Due Date - The date at which the Bill is due for payment (defaults to today's date).

Invoice No/Ref - Use this field to input a supplier reference or order number.

Note: Although this field is optional, it's recommend to use as it aids in identifying the Bill.

Tax - Use this field to select the relevant tax type method for this Bill.

Notes - Use this section to add notes and/or files to your Bill.


Adding Material Costs to Bills

We created a dedicated article to cover this process. To view it, please see here.


Creating Bills from within a Job

To create a Bill within a Job, head over to the Jobs Dashboard and open up the relevant Job. Once the Job has been opened, click on the "Bills" tab and then select "New Bill".

Creating Bills from the Dashboard

To create a Bill from your company Dashboard, head over to Dashboard > select the + icon > followed by "New Bill".



Creating Bills from the Supplier Profile

You can also create Bills directly from within the supplier profile. To do so, click on Suppliers > select the relevant supplier > click on the "Bills" tab > then select "New Bill".


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