Enabling Two-Step Security for your Organisation

Enabling Two-step security couldn't be easier in your Tradify account and provides you an added layer of security over your account.  

To enable two-step security on your account.

1) Navigate to Settings > Securtiy

2) Click the button to 'Turn on 2-step security for all staff members'

Screenshot 2024-01-10 at 12.13.38 PM.png


What will my staff see when they login?

The first time your Staff login once two-step security has been abled they'll be presented a screen to enter their two-step security number to receive the SMS code.



Here is an example of the SMS message that contains the two-step security code for verification. 

Note: The expiry time of a code is 5 minutes. 



Once you've entered the code you'll have successfully verified this device with two-step security.


For more two-step security FAQ's check out this article titled: Using Two-Step Security in Tradify




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