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Today we will show how to export customer data, make a change and then import it back in to update info. This is very useful for bulk updating customer tax settings 



To get started:

  1. Head to your 'Customers' page > Then select the 'Options' drop down > then on the options drop down select 'Export Customers to File' then click 'Download' on the green pop-up.

    Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 2.44.23 PM.png
  2. Now you have this downloaded you can open this file with excel or google sheets to view and edit(see below for what this looks like).

    Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 3.02.59 PM.png

  3. From here you can update columns on the file in bulk, for example you can change the 'Amounts' column to update the type of tax with the options 'Inclusive', 'Exclusive' and 'No Tax'.

    Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 2.56.11 PM.png

  4. Then once the desired updates have been made you can save this as a CSV > then head back to the customers page in Tradify > 'Options' > 'Import Customers From File' > then select this file and import!

This will Allow you to make fast bulk updates to customer info like tax type, selected document theme, pricing levels, etc...


Additional Information

To further utilize this customer export see here: Sending a bulk email to all Customers

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