Sending a bulk email to all Customers

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If you'd like to send a bulk email to all your customers, maybe to wish them a Merry Christmas, or to let them know your bank account details have changed you can't do this from within Tradify, however this article will let you know how you can export these details to send in your mail app.  



  1. Head to Customers from the left hand navigation panel
  2. Select Export Customer to file from the Options menu
  3. Open the file that has downloaded, check the customer list and remove any you don't want to receive the notification.  You can take this opportunity to use spreadsheeting filters and sorting if you want to send out an bulk email just a subset of your customer base
  4. Highlight the column Email Address and use ctrl + C to copy the contents of the column to your clipboard
  5. Open your email application and create a new email 
  6. in the bcc field (you want to ensure you are using the bcc field here so you don't expose email addresses to all your customers) paste the email address you had copied
  7. Create and send your email


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